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The Mystic Traveler and

The Lifted Veil


For many years I saw the world through a cloudy veil. Colors were muted and lines soft.   

As a photographer, I concentrated on making images in black and white and using an infrared  camera where the natural spectrum of light does not hit the sensor.  


I had a faint understanding of what was happening to me, but when things change slowly the gravity of what is different does not make itself known.   


And then a miracle: cataract surgery and the world is in blazing color and intensity as well as a dreamy subtlety. Sunrise is now different than sunset. I can see purple!   

When I saw myself after surgery, every line and wrinkle revealed that time had not stood still for me. I came face to face with my mortality.  


And so, my journey began in the guise of a “mystic traveler” seeing and experiencing the world again in a quest to face my destiny.  

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